About Us

We want to welcome you to Treat Ranch!

The idea was conceived of and influenced in 2021 by a beautiful and certainly fluffy Bouvier from the state of Pennsylvania, who formerly lived on a large ranch, where she eventually found her new home with us! She goes by the name of Lady. A playful and free spirit pup from the country of Belgium. Now, don’t be fooled by her size, she has the energy to power her own country by far. So we were utterly aware of who we had our hands wrapped around. With all things considered, we had to take action to maintain and contain that energy somehow, so we knew we had some work to do and it was going to require a plethera of treats. However, we knew it couldn’t be just any traditional treat with all those harmful additives and preservatives. Instead, we kept it simple, for you and your pet. This leads us to our mission, to provide you and your pet with a sustainable and nutritious source of essential vitamins & minerals that we know will provide your pet with all its health related needs and so much more! Treat Ranch offers natural ingredient treats that are easily distinguishable because they’re single ingredient and dehydrated. It doesn’t get any more simple than that. This keeps you confident in knowing what you are feeding your pet. So allow us this, to provide a need that cannot be filled by many and a love that is understood by few.

An innovative treat brand to cater to your pet’s every need. From old bones to dental hygiene Treat Ranch provides nutrient rich healthy flavors.

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